The Battles of the Apostolic/Prophetic Community Part 1

The Battles of the Apostolic/Prophetic Community.

We have not correctly defined what we call battle for us as a Prophetic/Apostolic Community. We are still giving interpretation to battle as we viewed it as Pentecostal and Charismatic community. For this reason we lose many in our communities because they either came prematurely or they chose to look at battles through the eye of the past season.

We lose some during battle because they are located in a wrong tribe. 1 Chronicles 12 shows the abilities of soldiers from each tribe in Israel. Not only did a tribe have a special ability in battle but it also had a special blessing. Battle time defines tribes as well as their abilities and blessings. It was during battle when Balaam tried to curse the Israel but failed because of their camping pattern. Everyone was in his/her father’s house.

Now somebody will get help here; battles help you to define your tribe. Battles help you to better understand your tribe if you are in your tribe. We are not only from a pentecostal community but we are from a pentecostal dispensation and season. Today we need to see Pentecostal communities continue as long as they acknowledge that they live in a Prophetic/apostolic season. Some of the Pentecostal community came to share time with us so as to better understand the season upon all of us (apostolic season) and then return to their pentecostal communities.

Now battles and persecutions have the same effect. Battles either unify us as a tribe and nation of they scatter us. At times during battle we either fortify a city or we migrate to correct fortified locations. Battles like famine have the same effect; if you are still alive you are either more unified after the battle or scattered. But others through a planned strategy they migrate. At times in prolonged battles children and women as well as the elderly are advice to migrate so as to preserve a remnant of a nation.

These realities apply even in this day and age in the spiritual battles as well. From our household we can also get help to better understand ourselves in the battles and persecutions that happen in february/march every year. (Refer to our past lessons on the previous statement)

I have laid down a background as well as introduction to our topic of the Battles in the Apostolic/Prophetic Community. I trust that this will help us going forward in this subject. Let us take it further in the next installment.


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