The Gospel of John and Sonship

What New Believers need to know about sonship

I thank God for His grace to finish this first part of the Gospel of John on Sonship. After my Spiritual Dad shared with me the burden of India and the Gospel; he instructed me to have fellowship with my sibling sister Apostle Lilly De Souza and her group of churches in India.

I was to work with her and have sonship classes online since she had great work on her shoulders in teaching many churches under her watch. She gathered over 100 Pastors and we began the sonship teachings. The plan was to lay the ground in preparation for Dad’s visit to India in which I was going to join him.

We also had teachings on sonship to New Believers and a special grace suddenly poured over those teachings. Since the New Believers always go easy on the Gospel of John we decided to bring sonship as Apostle John portrayed it in the gospel.


My experience with Sonship classes and church leaders was in greater part not producing the best results I expected. The leaders took sonship as teachings they need to use in order to meet the needs of their churches and that derailed their opportunity to live out sonship as individuals.

New believers in turn received the sonship message with an open heart and this helped them not to fall prey to the wolves that used sonship as a bait message to increase church membership. Sonship encourages us to follow the relational pattern that goes through the length and breadth of the Kingdom and Family of God in heaven and on earth.

This is a Father-Son relational blueprint that needs to flow in the entire Body of Christ. I will go further to say the Father-Son relational pattern is the thread that knits the entire Body of Christ to form the Holy Nation. I am thankful to Apostle Ricci Hausley my Spiritual Dad and Apostle De Souza for trusting me with her sons and daughters.

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