The Country called In Christ

We spoke in the season about being in Christ and Christ in us.

We said this is a bond inseparable planned from the foundations of the world.

In all creation there has never been such a creation where you are in someone and someone is in you.

This is not figuratively speaking this is a real process more real than any chemical bonding.

This is an identity that surpasses my African identity. Because before I was African I was in God.

Before I was an Engineer I was in God.

Before I assumed any other identity in this brown African jacket I am wearing I was ordained Prophet of Nations being in God.

Now through the Cross of the Lamb that was slain before the foundations I am returned to this New Race. This New Creation. The Best of the inventions from above.

 This was going to be a Race of a New History. When all Races and all Nations are Crushed by a Rock that has never lost a battle which is The Christ.

 An Empire A Kingdom  Nation that will never be invaded by any other.

After all the history of the Earth is told.

 After all the Mighty Men of this Earth have boasted of their exploits.

After all Nations have shown the best of accomplishments.

The deepest of inventions that minds have ever designed.

The Arises a New Nation that will reign forever.

A New Creation that has a New Country called In Christ.

 A Holy Nation that dwells in the One who also dwells in them individually and corporately.

 Creation inseparable to their country called In Christ.

The learned of this world of the best minds have been prepared to oppose this Creation.

Over centuries their arguments are thwarted by the simplicity of our Holy Nation.

The baton has been given to us to steer this Holy Nation in this season.

 Are our hearts ready to open to this awesome identity?

 Are our minds ready to surrender to the Mind of Christ?

 Are we ready to marry the Word?

Are we ready to marinate in the Everlasting Truth of our identity?

Yes I am ready there is a New Man crying in me and Alive and kicking saying Abba Father.

This Engine is idling in my heart confirming that Christ is in me.

Truly Christ is in Me. Truer than any known Chemical Bond.

Do you feel the Christ in you?

Are you ready to join the Holy Nation?

The Spirit says Come up Hither!

 Respond while you still have the time.


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