The Elijah Spirit and naked fathers with lost sons

The ministry of Prophet Ham Session 9

I would like to continue with session 10.
We heard something new in the previous installment concerning the nakedness of Noah vs the nakedness of Prophet Ham.

In the previous lesson I said you need to mark the words: ” lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:6c. I have shown you that Noah did not curse Prophet Ham but God has put a law that kicks in when there is offence between Father and Son. Mark the word OFFENCE because it will feature in the lessons to come.
Noah simply explained to Prophet Ham his son the consequences of becoming the one whom the offence comes through between father and son.

Now we closed the session in the previous installment with an instruction from the father that a robe be brought for his naked son.
This is another illustration which shows that the father is a cover to the son. We take it from the parable of the Lost son.

The history of the fall shows that the son is naked without the father; but Prophet Ham came with a new gospel; ” Without me my father is naked!” This is what triggered the curse!
Satan preaches that the ones who are naked are the fathers and not the sons. Nature teaches us that we come to this world naked and we are welcomed by fathers.

The world teaches that fathers come naked to the sons and the sons clothe them. This is the satanic philosophy of rebellion among the giants who were removed by floods as well as those who were removed from Canaan.

As much as the sons once in a while get lost and return back home; satan has designed a new society where the father gets lost and return back home.
The Babylon system has left fathers naked and prodigal fathers. This is the gospel according to Prophet Ham. Lest I come and smite the earth with a curse!

This is no different to the Cross put upside down as the devil loves to see it. Exodus 20:12 Honor thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
When the earth is smitten with a curse there is no long life for sons in the land that God gives them.

It does not say honor them only when they are honorable.
It does not say run after them and only call them fathers when they are celebrities.
There are many naked and lost fathers that are denied by sons while others have launched their ministries on the foundation of nakedness of their fathers.

We have many celebrities who are Prophet Hams; from Guest television presenters to televangelists; from businessmen to politicians.
They have made it their home scriptures in telling sons and grandchildren how their father disappeared and is now naked.
Lest I come and smite the earth with a curse; after all the gospel of Prophet Ham we are still not justified but cursed deeper and deeper.

Jesus became naked and hung on a tree so that we will through Him become justified; not through our naked and lost fathers.

It is in this situation that the Spirit of Elijah the Prophet continues to come and show up.

Only the Prophetic Anointing of Elijah is sent to have us saved from breaking the fifth of the ten commandments.
We have Billion Dollar industries built on dishonoring fathers and mothers. We have millions of philosophies and teachings that promote the breaking of the fifth commandment.

There is none of Prophet Hams that is bigger than the one who rides on the back of Democracy in these days we live in.
Instead of the lost sons and naked sons we have lost fathers and naked fathers. Do not make this your sermon; it is a trap that has come to steal your land and your years of living peacefully in that land.

There is a Prophet Ham in everyone of us; the Prophetic Anointing of Elijah has come to deliver us from that curse.
As we are conformed to the image of the Son and the knowledge of the Son we are moving further and further from this curse.

We thank God for our spiritual fathers who have been sent to help us heal from every area of relationship with father figure in our lives.
we have lived too long with naked fathers and lost fathers and it has never been our fault; BUT IT WAS OUR TRAP!

This countless of naked and lost fathers around us has come to show whether there is a Prophet Shem or Prophet Ham inside us. Let us return and stay away from the OFFENSE BETWEEN A FATHER AND SON.
Prophet Ham is a spirit that promotes offence between father and son. Prophet Shem is the spirit that covers and reconciles with the naked father. Prophet Elijah is the spirit that brings the father and the son together.


Vanto Vanto

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