Holy Me vs Holy Nation Person

Relationships: Session 4
14 May 2014

I am the Relationship and therefore I Relate without struggle.
I am a product of a Relational Godhead and even physically I came through relationship of my father and my mother.
I am comfortable to use the LET US code because the first time this code was uttered it released me from the unseen to the seen.
The LET US has provided FRUITFULNESS in my life.
The LET THERE BE has provided DOMINION in my life.
But I know that the LET THERE BE shall never bring my possessions unless I tap into the LET US that will first bring the Father and Son Relationship connected by One Spirit.
I therefore need to have LET US vocabulary in my lips as son.
I am ready to use it with my Father then with my Brothers and Sisters and when I have gotten used to it I will go use it outside.
This code of LET US brings people to a place of Successful Relationships.
The works of the flesh are a sign of Failing relationship but the fruit of the Spirit is a sign of Successful Relationships.
Spirituality is Relational and not Competitive.
You can’t use the I Am principle for competitive agenda in exclusion of the LET US principle.
Many have used spirituality as a divisive tool yet our foundation is LET US.
The Father Son relationship is the beginning and if you fail the LET US principle in this sonship structure you will not succeed with the LET US principle in Marriage and Ministry.
The Apostolic and Prophetic Community is a LET US community.
The competitive orphan structures are more attracted to LET THERE BE world without embracing the LET US environment first.
Gifted people become swallowed in LET THERE BE world but Charactered Sons begin at the LET US fountain.
I and the Father are One. John 10:30.
This is the Trinity. I (Jesus the Son) and the Father (God the Father) are One (connected by the Spirit).
How do I become One with my Father? How do I become One with my Brother or Sister?
What does it mean to be Relational?
When the Father say to the Son LET US; the Spirit says it to them at the same time!
In the family setup we say one has thought it and the other said it.
It is not consultation; it is Oneness at work where you both receive the same word without one saying it to the other.
God the Father did not consult the Son and the Holy Ghost and waited for the answer!
This is not democracy at work but Oneness of the Godhead whose identity is Relationship.
Exodus 19:3 Moses went up the mountain to God, and the LORD called to him from the mountain
God has called Moses to many a mountain for a meeting.
When God wants to meet me He goes to stand in the Mountain called My Father.
When I have a problem with my father I fail to meet God.
Then God calls me to another mountain called My Wife.


If I am angry at my wife I will not meet God.
Then God calls me to a Mountain called My Husband.
If I only hear God from a Mountain called My Pastor I will fail to meet God that day.
Then God calls me to a Mountain called My Brother.
If I am the person who understand the LET US code of Oneness I will meet God in these Mountains and hear Him.
Today we all want to go to the Mountain of LET THERE BE! And see miracles without relating.
Today we all want to go to the mountain of LET THERE BE so that the pastor will turn water into wine and two loaves of bread into 5000 loaves!
We want to Go to LET THERE BE mountain just to get the anointing oil that will give us jobs and businesses.
From this end we shall not meet God but we shall meet the things of God.
When I am relational I go to meet God in every person I meet.
I believe you can meet God in your wife and your husband.
I believe you can meet God in your brother and sister.
But you can’t meet God in your husband when you expect the Devil from him.
We have all been programmed to expect satan to show up from everyone we meet.
We are always ready to tell people about the devil in them.
Soul winning is the expectation to meet God in a sinner.
The funny thing is that we God’s people see the devil in everyone.
Jesus was sent to this earth TO MEET HIMSELF in everyone He met.
If Jesus had to return us to His Image and Likeness then He was sent TO MEET HIMSELF in us.
When we have the Fruit of the Spirit we meet God in everyone we come across.
When we have the works of the flesh we RESURRECT DEVIL IN EVERYONE we meet.
Go home and resurrect Jesus in your husband.
Go to work and resurrect Jesus in your colleague.
Go to church and see God in all those you fellowship with.
I am ready to see God in everyone in this house.
I am ready to hear God speak to me from all of you.
In all this I know that the oil flows from the head to the toes.
Therefore I will hear God first in the father son relationship.
When that relationship overflows then I will descend to the earth and see God in everyone I relate with.
I am the Relationship.
I am the LET US code.

Peace be unto you

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