RelationshipSession 3
14 May 2014

I want to talk about the Image and the Likeness of God today.
Amen praise God.
I am sorry I went offline
Genesis 1 reveals a very deep secret about our identity.
When God manifested the creation He kept on saying LET THERE BE.
And the things were.
But when He comes to bring us to this earth He says LET US. Now that’s Relationship talking.
We were brought to this realm through a Relationship in heaven of the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost.
The Relationship of the Trinity said LET US!
I want us to explore the LET US code.
This is the code that was pressed for US to manifest.
This means we are the LET US people.
We are the LET US Creation. 


We are not the LET THERE BE Creation.
I want you to stay with me here.
This is the code that brings Divine Presence of the Godhead!
When Sons are Ruling the Earth they say LET THERE BE! But whenever they meet they say LET US!
You need to know where to say LET US and where to say LET THERE BE!
You will never receive the Power of Let There Be unless you are Positioned in the Mind and Relationship of LET US!
Husband and Wife there shall be no progress in your house when you command the LET THERE BE to your possessions unless you know the secret of LET US!
LET THERE BE is Dominion it is Power!
LET US is Fruitfulness it is Character!
LET THERE BE is Giftedness and Skill!
LET US is Divine Presence of His Glory in Fruitfulness and Character.
You can’t just arrive among other gods and Sons and say LET THERE BE!
When the gods and Sons meet they say LET US! That’s the source of Power!
This is Relationship!
I Am that I Am!
That is the second code.
The First Code is LET US!
The Second Code is I AM THAT I AM!


God did not say I DO THAT I DO
He said I AM THAT I AM.
It is not what you do it is what you are!
You don’t say I DO therefore I AM!
You say I AM therefore I DO.
When you say LET US you say I AM! You recognize who you are.
We are Relationship before we Do Relationship.
People want to first Do Relationship without BECOMING the I AM relationship.
We live in a community where everyone want to be heard.
But you can’t be heard if you came with the Agenda of LET THERE BE!
Politicians come and behave as though they say LET US when they say LET THERE BE!
We will not win with Power Play and Secret Agenda of Let There Be when we come camouflaged with the Words LET US.
When last did you say LET US when you knew that you really meant it?
Can you write a list of the LET US assignments that you know that they are true?
There are very few people on earth today that you can say LET US in full trust.
There are few Businesses today that can truly say LET US with no betrayal.
Today before you divulge the word LET US you need to sign an NCNDA and MOU so that no one will go behind you!
I hope someone is listening today.
Churches are locked in LET THERE BE theology because everybody wants power!
Yet the Apostolic Relational Community say LET US.
True Father and Son who are led by the Spirit can come together and say LET US.
This is a language used in a Successful relationship.
I and the Father are One.
This Home will be a True Sonship home if the Father will say to the Son LET US in Spirit and in Oneness.
When Jesus say I and my Father are One you will ask what about the Spirit Jesus?
When He said so He meant that the Father and the Son are made One by the Spirit.

Peace be unto you

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