THE ONE SON chapter 2 – Loving all your sons as One Son

Chapter 2

I have shared with you how I am learning the secret of The One Son principle.
I have also shared with you in the previous installment that I desire to treat all my sons as One Son in the house.
I do not want the Accuser to use the old family feud of one son loved more than others.
This is not the Principle of the Father.
That is why He relates only to One Son.
We are dealing with sons who have been hurt in different ways by the orphan spirit.
I do not desire to have a son who will always preach to other sons that he or she is loved more than others.
Well I know that I might have many who do that.
I just want them all to grow towards the One Son Principle.
Satan will use this observation to destroy the household.
For everyone is still in the healing process from the orphan spirit.
The last thing you want to see after this painful journey is to come to the house of attention seekers where you are forgotten that you exist.
I have hurt quiet a few sons in this area as a young father.

As a result this perception has made many of the sons to bottle communication and returned to their old ways of protecting themselves.
When I started with sonship classes I was not aware of this damage.
Everyone; this means I as a father and one or two of the sons would be doing this unconsciously; that is communicating to other sons that some are more equal than others.
At this stage we did not know the One Son Principle.
I want to emphasize that to communicate to others that you are a better son than all of them is something we may be doing unconsciously.
And these sons would believe the story and back off from the frontline of sonship.
Well I remember the time when Dad Apostle Hausley was teaching us as sons in his Prophetic School.
As a Scribe I would write all his teachings.
He taught us on skype and I would edit the teachings and I did this for almost the whole year.
I compiled a book that amounted to 500 pages.
There were sons who did not attend the classes and they would just come to look for notes.
Now these are apostles and prophets leading big churches.
Now dad would tell these prophets to call me and get the notes.
This made me very angry.

I forgot that these are not my sons but Dad’s sons.
I also forgot that he loves them as he loves me.
I thought I must help him a little bit and discipline them.
So I did not give them the notes and we began on the wrong side of relationship.
I perceived that they just need notes to preach in their churches and not interested in the relationship with Dad.
But this was not my place to judge as well as to “teach dad how to father”.
Maybe let me take this time to speak about Dad Apostle Hausley.
We were 80 sons to him at one stage I do not know now.
We are spread all over the world leading ministries.
One thing about Dad is that everytime he spoke to me he did it as though I am his only son in the World.
When he teaches me and send me notes he does it in such a way that you would think there is no other son except you.
Now this he does equally to all of us.
He does not do it according to our sowing or performance.
From a capitalistic view it is easy to see this as a vulnerable position for him.
From a sonship view it remains a mystery to this day.

This is how I desire to treat my sons.
I want each son to think that he or she is the only son I have.
But this thought should be in a very mature way.
It should not make you to assume that others are treated in an inferior way than yours.
Since I was the last born at that time I did not have an idea how he treats his other sons.
I will talk about my big Brother Apostle James Mabwa in Kakamega; Kenya.
He is my big brother because he is longer in the household than myself.
When I discovered how Dad loved him the remnants of orphan spirit in me rose up!
As much as Dad loves me so much so does he love Brother James.
Of all his sons this one was the one whom I was exposed in how Dad loved him.
Now this is something Dad never taught me but I saw him do it.
He loves his 80 sons as The One Son.

And when he relates to each son he does it in such a way like there is no other son.
Now I want to close with this; my first goal is to love my sons as though the are One Son.
My second goal is to love each son as though there is no other son but that son alone.
Apostle Thamo Naidoo has very profound teachings on the difference between Oneness and Unity.
When you discover this difference sonship will be revealed better to you.
I have a third goal however.
I will be sharing it in my third installment of this teaching.
I want us to close this teaching by having revelation on how our fathers love us and how we need to respond in the One Son Principle.
We need to understand it and not allow our misunderstanding of this principle make us to take the back seat in the household.

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  1. Thank u dad for loving us with one love…u r indeed a true father. I think sometimes the problem comes from us sons being jealous for one another.

  2. Thank u dad fr ur love n continuing commitment to love us as one son. That teaches us to be one. Love one another as sons.we love u dad n really appreciate u.

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