Chapter 3

We are continuing with our lesson The One Son.
I have shared with you two principles I learnt from my Dad Apostle Hausley.
I said these are not the teachings he gave to me but a life style which remains a great mystery.
From this lifestyle I went back to investigate how the Father treated His Son Jesus Christ as well as the present treatment of His Son Christ Jesus.
We know that Jesus Christ meant the Anointed Jesus who was alive in flesh here on earth as The Only Begotten Son of Father God.
However Christ Jesus is the Corporate Son who consist of the Head Jesus in Eternal Realm and The Body The Church here in the Physical Realm on earth.
Christ Jesus is now this Corporate Body that combines the Heavenly and the Earthly combined existence.
This is The Only Begotten Son of the Father God.
Jesus came on earth saying “I the Son” but resurrected to the Right Hand Side as “We The Son!”
He said “I will not leave you as Orphans”
This is in John 14:18.
In John 20:17 NIV Jesus said ” Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to MY BROTHERS and tell them that I am ascending to MY FATHER and YOUR FATHER, to my God and your God.

Who would do such a transition from My Father to OUR FATHER?
Who would transcend from I THE SON to WE THE SON?
Only Jesus would do that!
Therefore He came and hanged ALONE on the Cross as the Only Begotten of The Father so as to have us all say WE THE ONLY BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER!
Right now He is on the Right Hand Side interceding for us in Heaven (Romans 8:34).
This means He is Doing the Job Alone but when He reports to the Father He says “We The Son”
Are you ready to hang on the Cross alone being Sent by the Father so as to save all others?
Are you ready to work as I the Only Son but report the work as We the Only Son?
This brings me to my third desire:

My third desire is to do the work for my spiritual father as though I am the only son he has; but report the work to him as though it has been done BY ALL HIS SONS!
I desire to take the suffering as I THE SON but be crowned as WE THE SON!
This is how you need to serve your spiritual father and this is how you will eventually serve your Father In Heaven.
You can only be the Son of God to the extent you are the Son of Man.
This is what I desire so as to fulfill the One Son Principle.
When I have done this I will be loving my brothers just as my dad has loved them.
This part I will deal with it in the next installment.
For now we have 3 desires in sonship:
1. To love all my sons as One Son.
2. To love each son as though its my Only Son.
3. To obey my father and do the work as though I am his only son but to go report the work to him as though I did it with all my brothers.
These are the 3 principles we find between God The Father and God The Son as the use The One Son Principle.

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