The One Son Chapter 4 – The One Son Principle

Are you ready for the next installment?
Well today I went to my facebook account and there is an “about” page there.
I went there and removed a huge cv that briefly describes who I am and what I am doing.
As a communicator I really do want people to know what I am about and this also runs in my marketing blood.
Because of the revelations that are coming out from the Word I am reviewing who I say I am.
Well I removed all that I have written in there and I took some time to think what I must write.
I remembered when Father said I Am That I Am.
I also remembered when Paul said: No longer I who live but Christ in me.
Well I still desire to introduce myself as God wants but for now I wrote the words of Paul in the latter statement.
Why is my identity under attack?
Well its a good attack because I hear the word saying: There is much more to God than all you have ever been taught and therefore there is much more to who you are.
Why am I reviewing all this?
The answer boils down to : The One Son Principle.
I have googled this topic because I know that at times we receive what has been taught already.
Well I have not seen it so far and I am open to be taught more by mentors and my spiritual dad.
However as I said in the previous teachings; Dad Apostle RJ Hausley has not yet taught this but has practiced it before me.
From that I had three desires that I taught so far:
1. To love and interact with all my sons as though they are all One Son.
2. To love each son as though its the only one son I am left with.
3. To carry the cross and instruction from my dad as though I am his only son but to allow crowning and reporting of the work to be accredited to all of his sons.
Well these three things are my desires and they are three things I hope to grow towards from now onwards.
This introduction of One Son Principle has rocked our whole household.
We have everyone coming to confess and making ways right with me and others.
I have the same task to my dad and brothers as well.
This includes my spiritual brothers and natural ones as well.
This involves my spiritual dad and natural one as well.
I want to acknowledge my Spiritual Dad with the immense work he carries to model a relationship that I should look up to from my Heavenly Father as well as from my natural Father.
Well this installment will be short.
Chapter 3 says: Live as though you are The Only Begotten Son.
Jesus knew that if He does not wake up that day in bed there is NO ONE ELSE who will do His assignment for Him.
Each day He knew that The Father looks up to Him and Only Him.
Will you live in this way from now onwards?
Well how am I going to live as Though I am the Only Son to my Heavenly Father without showing an orphan spirit to my fellow brothers?
We said previously take the Cross Alone but Share the Crown with your brothers.
I want to wake up everyday as though there is none to share the gospel but just me.
I want to wake up as though my Spiritual Father has no other son but me.
I want to wake up one day as though my natural dad only has one son.
At home we are eight and we are all married.
I have noticed every time dad calls for something we all think someone will do it and it ends up not being done.
We even go as far as telling him we have to consult our spouses first.
It all sounds so good but at the end his instructions are not carried out.
But when you are the Only Son you know that your Father expects you to carry out the instruction.
Churches have many members but the Pastors instruction is the last to be carried out.
Probably you carry out the instruction of your boss before you carry out the instruction of your pastor.
It does not matter whether you are six hundred in church; carry out instructions as though you are the only son.
To your Dad or Mentor; carry out instruction as though you are the only one.
If you don’t pray no one will pray.
If you don’t tithe no one will; employed or not.
If you don’t take care of the House of God no one will.
If you don’t take care of your Dad and Pastor no one will.
This is how Jesus did His work here on earth.
No wonder He finished it at Record Time in three years.
He knew that He is the Only Son.
As a father; I want to think about all my sons as One Son.
So you will also need to help me accomplish this.
You have to behave like you are the only son left.
This is the Mantle Accessing Spirit which Elisha had.
He did not go to ask selfishly to be on the Right Hand Side of Jesus like the sons of Zebedee.
But he asked Elijah to make him His Only Son as First Born Son.
This is the meaning of Double Portion inheritance.
It does not mean benefits as many think; it means inheriting responsibility.
Though there were many prophets that saw Elijah as mentor; he saw him as My Father My Father!
As though he was the only son.
The One Son Principle brings down the Anointing!
Jesus did not wait for any other person to be anointed it had to be Him!
He was The Only Begotten Son!
Remember He took the Cross as the Only Son but shared the Crown with many brothers.
Well today I went deeper on my third sonship desire.
I want you to title this message The One Son Principle.
I hope this drills down to you the truths about why you are here next to me in this ministry as sons.
If you were my only son today in this New Earth Ministry; what would you do?
If I was Dad’s only Son in Eagle Nest Family what would I do?

Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries

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