The Present Church System in Africa

Part 2 Relationship Conference: Chapter 11, May 25, 2014

This conference is about to go very steep.
This message has to reach key world changers on the ground.
Now I depend on you that this message reach them.
I have shown you the Church System.
I have shown you the dangers of this system.
Everyone is looking for the Mark of the Beast from outside the church.
I want to say this without a shadow of doubt that the Mark of the Beast is with us in the church.
What is the Mark of the Beast?
It is a mark in your hand and in your head.
The mark is a number 666. This number is Man Man Man.
Without this mark you don’t eat and you don’t trade.
This means that Relationship is replaced by this number.
I know many of these churches; where you will not be considered unless you are their member.
Their church name has become the mark of the Beast.
People go to them to get a miracle for money and be able to buy food.
Their miracles have become the mark in the hand and head.
Their church names have become a mark in the hand and head.
It is in the head because they are indoctrinated to become zoombies of this church.
Even when you come and say I am a child of God from this so and so church they will NEVER RELATE WITH YOU.
These souls have lost the substance that relate with others.
They will only relate when you carry the mark of their church.
This is a New Church System of the last days.
It is more ruthless than politics and business.
No wonder all commercial crimes are practiced better through churches than any other place.
This is the Virus that has come to kill Africa today.
All Virus can multiply but it is not fruitful.
Members rise in this church and so is crime in their community.
They give you insurance package that declares that others will experience crime but you as THEIR CHURCH MEMBER will not see crime!
No one has the burdern to see crime eradicated in the community.
In fact they rejoice when crime rises in the community because it is the only tool they will use to testify that this crime does not touch THEIR MEMBERS.
I have been watching this system long enough to understand its evil.
Even your family members will tell you these things but you will say they are jealous.
Non believers see that there is something wrong but you keep covering for this activity.
The Beast is in your midst!
This is not a Father Spirit!
A spirit that rejoices that others died and you are alive! Not because you are with Jesus but because you are in this church!
I say this church is a Virus because they don’t trust what you are doing in any other church if it is not theirs.
I told you that things are about to change!
Its either you continue supporting this New Church System or you go back home.
Now we do not deny the reality of the power they have.
But even in a normal community we know there is a GP and when your issue needs a specialist he will refer you to the specialist.
If your situation needs a Gynaecologist you shall be referred there BUT YOU DO NOT STAY THERE FOREVER.
If your issue needs a Dentist you are referred there AND RETURN TO YOUR GP!
How do you turn a Dentist into your family doctor?
Now if there is a specialist of Deliverance in your community must you go stay there?
Will you need Deliverance all the time?
Now if you understand that Doctors have Code of Practice what about in the Kingdom of God?
Why must you allow to be lied to by these Specialists when you have your GP?
Now this is Chapter 11 which I am about to finish here.
You need to see yourselves in the light of all what is happening.
You also need to weigh your sonship in the light of all these things.
You need to ask yourself if you will be part of the change or do you want to continue with this Church System.
This message is a wake up call to those who might be embracing the System of the Beast without knowing.
When you learn sonship embracing this system you will find it difficult to relate.
Sonship is the only cure to restore healthy relationships in a community.
I trust you will take these tips to your heart.

Peace be unto you

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