There is more to Christianity than we offer.

There is a false standard that has developed over decades on what church is all about.

These standards were imported from the capitalistic model as it measures progress in business and social life. Hollywood has been successfully used as a standard bearer of lifestyle throughout the world. Cable networks on current news have cemented that virtual reality to be imported to our daily life.

We imported these standards to church activities and mixed them with manifestation of miracles there and there. We saw people falling when we pray for them and we saw more money in the offering basket. Then we thought God is validating our activities.

We took God’s presence and privatized it in our local churches and presented a case why people must join our churches. No different from Christmas adverts in the mall or political campaigns. We imported these systems and even improved on them.

When intelligent Atheists and people of other religions confront us on this culture of mixture we dismissed them as people attacking “The Kingdom”. We had governments embedded on us to go attack other nations and successfully incorporated their actions to biblical end times prophecies.

“Either you are with us or you are against us”. This message has been used by Powerful Governments with very respectable spiritual fathers in Evangelical circles. Beyond this we go back to our corners and will not question these practices.

We have indirectly created “the enemy” and we rallied people around the world to pray for us against this “enemy”. Have we become this dumb?

Is this all we can offer as Christians? God is more than all what we have offered to date.

Just a Saturday morning thought.

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