Value of covenant relationships in 2015

I desire that you win this year.
There is only one kind of win, that the heaven’s desires for this year be met through you.
While i respect your desires for this year please allow me not to trust them.

Today they are your desires but years later when you look in retrospect you agree that they were false desires.
Allow me also to take you out of the free will ticket that we use when we want you to join our churches.

Until last month I believed in the gospel of free will until I heard the prayer of Jesus.
Matthew 26:39 My Father, if it be possible,let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”
John 12:49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.
John 8:29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.
Therefore your will is not to be trusted if this year has to be won.

It is to the level where you are ready to lose your will that we will see your maturity level.

It is only babies in the Lord who will go around flaunting their free wills giving testimony what they received through them.
As you grow in faith you learn to surrender your agenda before the Father and follow His.
God’s will for you this year will take you to higher places than those of your will.
I am not saying this in a capitalistic sense but from the measuring yardstick of heavens.
Therefore please allow me to return to my opening statement, and this time I hope you hear me better as I say: I desire that you win this year.
As much as gifts and abilities are necessary for profit, but relationships will define the sustain ability of your success.
We live in hard times, persecutions have increased and relationships are key to maintain victory in the midst of persecutions.
Very few are ready to become sons of a persecuted apostle like Paul in prison, but many would like to be a son to Joseph when Pharaoh makes him Prime Minister.
This is a year of persecutions yet with great victories. Evil has risen and grace has overtaken that evil.
The kind of wars countries fight are very unusual. Super powers are not to be trusted and so are smaller countries.

Leadership void is so obvious and spiritual fathers to countries have disappeared.
Greed has become father to many countries and the response to this is a very barbaric and unconventional war method.
This is a panoramic reflection of the kind of wars that are in the churches as well as in businesses today.
These are persecution times and we need very solid relationships.

My relationship with my dad has come under attack as well, his heart is turned towards me but there are many excuses from my side that look so genuine but are distancing me from him since the year begun. Persecutions have become a distraction but thank God I can at least notice that.
No one is immune, the kind of attacks we have keep us busy from relationships that matter.
In principle we know what we should be doing but in practice we are drifting away.

I have however seen the value of being surrounded by good coaches and mentors around my life and that I have taken from the foundation of the relationship with dad. His heart has constantly been turned towards me.
He has been a relational Apostle and Prophet for years and we are just at the beginning of this revelation.
When trials come it is much easier to fall into our orphan spirit which is “my way”; “my will” mode.
This is the reason many of our marriages break because when it is tough “my agenda” returns!

“It’s my life and my future!” I will not gamble and put it in someone’s hands, so you say. But the vows spoke something different.
In principle we know the right thing but persecutions will come to test the relationships.
What is the solution?
Covenants, go and review your covenants in your relationships.
This year stay away from the “no strings attached” – relationships. They might bring a quick buck but so is the betrayal behind them.

Covenant relationships, that is why my dad has his heart turned toward me at all times.
He has been in this game long enough. Even the prodigal son’s father never turned his heart away from his son.
He never pursued him lest he confuse him more, but his heart has always been on him.
There are people whose heart is always on you yet you do not see them as vital circle of influence around you.

You chase businessmen and pastors who will help you with a quick buck and a quick miracle.
You chase lovers who will help you with a quick fix of the moment but in persecution time you are left alone and you remember those whose heart is turned towards you.

Go and review all the covenants around you and remember, the relationship with your father is the cornerstone of all the covenants you form. I speak this to you as much as I remind myself.

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