We have been saved to serve

Scripture Reference: Luke 2:49 KJV And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? KJV: King James Version

Jesus from an infant 12years old He already understood that His core purpose on earth is to do God’s business, all through the scriptures we will see that there is no one born by accident and no one pass through life just for holidays and pleasure, The real meaning and essence of life can only be known in God and defined to us by God.

The reason many don’t understand that they are not here on earth for mundane natural things is that they don’t know God, some think life is to be rich, have lots of cash enjoy your life to the fullest before you die, well nothing wrong with being rich and enjoying ones life actually God approves it John 10 vs 10A, Psalm 16 vs 11. But that was not why God sent you here if that is all you did or are doing or know. God brought you here for an assignment, to know your assignment you have to be saved first that is why the most important day in a man’s life apart from the day one is born is the day you discover why you were born which is the day of your salvation.

Jesus at a tender age already know He must be about His father’s business, and we know He came not only to save us but to live and gave us a sample of how to live, if I knew my purpose when I was 12 like Jesus and have the same conviction He had I will have turned my world around long ago I will not have wasted time trying to discover by the various things I tried out but I’m glad I actually found Christ and I’m pursuing my purpose, in 1 Samuel 21 vs 8, David said that the kings business requires haste, there is no time if you are still roaming and feeling you have time you dont , you don’t know when you will die, so why not use the time you have left to forcus on the assignment of God for your life, if you dont know it yet apply the word of God that says whatever your hands finds do it with all your heart, and in prov 11 vs 30 the word says we should win souls, mark 16 vs 15 say we should all go into the world so there is no one that can say I don’t know what to do I am waiting on God, while you are waiting start with what He has commanded us all to do and in doing those you will be assigned by the Holy Spirit into your specific areas of assignment.

Rom.12 vs 11 says not slothful in business fervent in Spirit serving the Lord. God hates laziness, that was why when He created Adam He gave him a garden and commanded him to dress and keep it. Gen 2 vs 15. That is work it if not it will overgrow and you will be living inside a forest instead of a garden, so laziness is never of God as we wake up each day we should be curious about our assignment our following line of action what is God delegating into our care today and ensure we carry it out and fulfill it because if not we will be working in disobedience and He will find someone else that will be willing to carry it out. Don’t think that if you don’t the work will suffer never, God have millions more in reserved if you delay or ignore the assignment placed in your hands, may God not replaced you and I in Jesus mighty name.

Apostle Solomon Ekokobe

Apostle Solomon Ekokobe

Apostle Solomon Gift Ekokobe Beloveth Chapel International Ministry South of Johannesburg at Rossettenville. A pastor, teacher a trainer a mentor and a coach. An author and a conference speaker from Nigeria based in Johannesburg South Africa

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