What is my appointment with nakedness?

The Ministry of Prophet Ham Session 7

I am continuing with the teaching concerning Prophet Ham.
We are exploring the days of this prophet which were very important days. The family of this prophet is one of the unique families on earth. This is the only family that lived before and after the floods. This is the only family that lived in the old earth and the new earth.

The miracle of the flood remains the biggest outside the Cross of Calvary.
It is an event bigger than the opening of the Red Sea. That is why Jesus quotes this age and period.
God therefore has demanded more to whom more grace was given and this was the family.
Any little thing they did after the floods was decisive to the future of the whole earth.
They were the beginning of generational blessings as well as the generational curses.
Though satan is not mentioned in this time but this was the family which he had his eye on.

Prophet Ham therefore was a new species of mankind on earth in this time with his family.
He was not going to be allowed to do anything that became a reason for the floods to come.
Since God made a vow that there will be no more destruction of mankind by rain; every man alive at this time had to work with God on this promise. This explains the severity of the deed of prophet Ham before God.

Allow me to say this was one of the greatest men ever lived. Sad to say of all the great deeds of this man in his ministry on earth the only thing remembered is that he challenged the nakedness of his father.
No matter how great are the deeds of our ministries; one challenge of the nakedness of our fathers is sufficient to bury them.
We do not have the details concerning the nakedness of The Patriarch Noah. These details were not important to the scriptures for us to read for if they were written there would be many Prophet Hams today that would go down this way. These details had to be omitted for our salvation to be complete.

The prayer of the son today should be: “Lord I pray that i will never see the nakedness of my father for I do not need a curse to my next generations.”
The biggest attack to sons today is none other than exposure to the nakedness of their fathers.

If you notice we have many families who are fatherless; we have many fathers who have left their homes..
Many divorce stories today are based on the nakedness of the father in the house. Fathers run away from their own families because of being tired and ashamed to have their nakedness discussed by wife and children.
Satan attack the head of families with nakedness of inability to provide their families. Of all the nakedness of fathers the inability to provide to family is the biggest.
We have many Noah’s today who are filling the bars drinking in attempt to cover their nakedness of not being able to provide for their families. In their effort they are not aware that they become more naked.
Giants are born to take the place of naked fathers and this is not the plan of God.

The first story of giants begin when sons of God become naked to the daughters of the land and giants were born.
Giants fill in the space of fatherless homes because a hero becomes the automatic need.
Prophet Ham therefore became the forefather of the second group of giants after the first ones were taken by floods. Let me branch of a bit here to say we serve our Father God and not a Giant god.

Fathers provide to families but giants eat all that is due to families.
We have many giant governments and giant dictators who have fed themselves with that which was due to families.
We have many giant ministries and ministers who have swallowed their cities instead of providing to their cities.
It is therefore the goal of satan to strip as many fathers as possible naked so that Prophet Hams shall be born.

In Africa we carry a lot of Prophet Hams who discuss the nakedness of other ministries and that is why our minerals and lands are owned by other countries.
We have very big ministries and giant miracles but the very cities where those giant ministries operate are being swallowed.
One thing we celebrate as Africans is the fall of a fellow African: that we celebrate the most.
We throw a party celebrating the nakedness of another Noah as vindication of our ministries.
Lord let me not see any more naked father I pray; for that is a curse in my generations.

Governments rise in Africa because of the nakedness of other leaders.
Our leaders gather from one summit to another to discuss the nakedness of another leader.
United nations gather from one meeting to another discussing the nakedness of Africa the parent of all living beings.
The Sons of God are naked before the daughters of the land and giants are born from that affair. We can stop the scourge by letting go off the appetite to feed on nakedness of our fathers.

I am 47years old now and we are eight at home with four boys and four girls and I am first born.
This number of children are a proof that my mother and dad had to be naked several times for us to be born; yet I have never seen their nakedness ever!
This is a natural example to show that nakedness when you do not hunt for it can be hidden.
But if by any chance I come across this nakedness it means there are only to choices ahead of me: Either to be a Shem or to be Ham.

Vanto Vanto

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