When the Word is withdrawn

The Word Conference Session 4

July 04, 2022

Amos 8:11 speaks of a season that visits the nation when the Word is withdrawn. It is not withdrawn from a Denomi-Nation it is withdrawn from the Nation. The Apostolic duty today is to uphold the Lord’s Word in the whole Nation because its absence has National consequences.

Dec 28, 2014

I want to close the year with some Prophetic Pronunciations.
I will use the book of Amos chapter 8 to convey the message of the Lord.
In the first verse Amos has a vision of a fruit basket.
In the last two verses we see beautiful girls and handsome boys looking for the Word.
We are not told how long it takes to journey from verse one until we see the last verses manifest.

We open the chapter with a very prosperous Israel that is reflected with a fruit basket.
This is a sign of productivity and fruitfulness of a nation in all areas of life.
I am reminded of Roman Empire and Catholic Church.
I am reminded of the British Empire and Anglican Church.
I am also reminded of USA today and Church.
This is the fruit basket that we have seen over centuries.
However in the end the chapter closes with the absence of The Word.

Well we do not need to be historians to remember that Rome began as an Empire that carries the Word and built several Cathedrals.
It’s downfall was preceded by the absence of the Word.
We remember how the British Empire rose in the Reformation Period with Anglican Church as its ambassador around the World.
We need not be historians or prophets to know that they first lost The Word and then their Superpower Position.
Well today we have USA and the Evangelical Church.
For it to lose the Superpower position shall be no different: It shall first lose the Word,

Why do I make these bold pronunciations?
History teaches us how nations lost their top spots.
All this is well explained in Amos chapter 8.
This does not only apply to Nations.
This applies to Mega Churches around the World.
This applies to Business Empires.
This applies to Gifted Men and Women in the calling.
This applies to all Church Movements from Pentecostal; Charismatic and so on.
I have seen Ministries that look life a Fruit Basket that Prophet Amos saw at the beginning of the Chapter.
They had numbers in membership as well as in money.
They had great grace in miracles.
The funny thing is that it does not lose numbers and money.
It neither loses the miracles that happen day after day.
But they lose the Word and they are not even aware of it!

God says to Israel: I can see you are fully resourced.
Your diary is even full you have planned ahead where to buy the poor with silver and the needy with a pair of shoes (Amos 8:4).
But I want you to know of what will become of you as a Nation and you shall not even see it coming.
The first thing we see in verse 8 is the reaction of the ground to the upcoming events.
There will be shaking and swelling in the ground.
It will shake and become so loose as if it is a river.
Rising up like the Nile River.
This means that Stability shall cease to hold the land together.
We all know that the land is held together by The Word of God.

Verse 9 says at non time darkness shall visit the land.
The Light of the Sun is a symbol of The Word.
And when the Churches will be in their noon time of the knowledge of the Word; they shall lose the Word.
The Noon time is when Churches are writing their own bibles and commentaries.
The Noon time of churches is when they have Best Selling books.
The Noon time of Churches is when they teach us Eschatology and events of the End Times.
The Noon Time is when Churches justify the Wars from the Bible.

God is warning them in verse 4.
He says no matter how prosperous you have become; make sure that the voice of the poor does not arrive in my ears crying because of you.
It does not matter whether they are the poor in Israel or in the Gentile world; they may not be of your religion.
But if you mess up with the poor and needy you are messing up with Me!
They may not have a voice to be heard in your institution.
You may have sufficient money to silence them.
But just don’t make their voice to arrive in my throne because of your mismanagement of My Silver and Gold!
Whe this happen I will not throw down fire like I did with Sodom and Gomorrah!
I shall not bring Floods like I did with Noah’s time.
I shall do the worst thing ever!
Even the earth will tremble at the thought of that.
Even the Sun will run away at the Noon Time and leave its post!
I shall withdraw THE WORD!!!

You may have used the Word to oppress the poor!
You may have used the Word to continue with corruption.
Your resources shall not control the Word!
Now I prophesy to nations and Mega Establishments.
To Business Empires and Political Dynasties.
The Word shall be withdrawn from you!
It does not matter how many Bibles you distribute!
It does not matter how many you write.
It does not matter how many Bible Schools you have.
You mess up with the needy and poor?
You have touched Me!

You shall not see it coming.
You will still be printing more Bibles.
But the Word shall be withdrawn.
You will still be flowing in miracles and prophecying; but the Word shall be Withdrawn.
You don’t want to see this happening in your life.
The Word creates all things even those which make you to be puffed to the point of oppressing the poor and needy.
11. Behold the days are coming says the Lord God
When I will send a famine in the land,
Not a famine of bread, nor thirst for water,
But [a famine] for hearing the Words of the Lord.
That’s the Amplified Bible.

You may have many Prophetic Schools and many prophets and apostles.
You will still see plenty bread and water around.
But the Word shall be withdrawn.
The presence of Bread and Water and Fruitbasket will not be used again as a measure of My Presence, says the Spirit of Grace
But the Word shall Witness My Presence.
This is the standard from 2015 and onwards.
May you use it in your Nation; your Church and Family.
The Lord bless you as we come into the New Year.
The Year of The Word.
This is what it shall be in our circles of fellowship and households.

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