The paradigm shift of Elijah' ministry

I intend to continue on the Wilderness series chapter 12.
We will be looking in depth at the relationship of Elijah the prophet with the wilderness.
Elijah’s ministry is timeless, connecting both the new testament and the old testament.
His ministry remains a template for all ministries.

This is the prophet who was appointed for a father – son ministry.
Before him and after him prophets always understood the prophet and his servant.
Prophets sons are more evident in his ministry than prophet’s servants.
Elijah understood mysteries about transfer of mantle that no other prophet understood.

To many prophets the transfer of mantle was a reward to a faithful servant and this is still an understanding to this day.
To Elijah a mantle was transferred to sons; not because of their good service but because of the Holy Ghost appointment as sons.
Elisha was a son to Elijah and he got succession even before he began the ministry with Elijah.
Many prophets to this day prefer to have servants other than sons.

They see anointing and mantle transfer as reward for being good servant; not with Elijah.
Elijah did have a servant and we shall hear how he related to both servants and sons.
I mention these key things because they were the ones that qualified Elijah spirit as the father-son spirit in the book of Malachi.
Elijah did not return in the new testament because of the highest level of miracles in his old testament ministry.
He returned because of a father spirit in him.

Now that is not all.
Elijah learned a very important New Testament revelation of God within and still small voice.
This is the Spirit that Springs Forth other than the Spirit that Rains down.

These are revelations which were yet to come.
The revelation of God Within and the Father Son wineskin.
Before Elijah went to the Wilderness he is mentioned as doing ministry with his servant.
When Elijah comes from the Wilderness he is working with sons.

(Daddy,Im sorry for interrupting… please explain what a Father Son wineskin is)
Before Elijah went to the Wilderness he is flamboyant and expects God to move with thunder, fire, earthquakes and so on.
When Elijah comes from the Wilderness he knows that God appears in a still small voice as well.
(Father – Son wineskin is Sonship as opposed to the Master – Servant wineskin)

Wilderness is also used as paradigm shift in our ministry.
when you are removed from your comfort zone you are forced to pay more attention even to things that do not matter.
Elijah did not take his servant along to the Wilderness.
There is no red carpet and entourage in the journey of your Wilderness.
Yet you hold a feast unto God there.
Angels would not have ministered to Elijah if his servant was there.

This is just a simplistic laying of foundation to the lessons we are going to learn in Elijah’s wilderness lessons.
In the next series I will use the backing up of scriptures in all the claims I made in this lesson.
Remember; these were changes that Elijah would not have encountered had he not been driven to the Wilderness.

The Bible School for the nation of Israel was the Wilderness and not Canaan.
In fact Canaan became the place where greatest disobedience toward God was experienced.
Well let us not get lost in something new.
We will meet in the next series.

Peace be unto you

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