Do not seek to prove your sonship in the wilderness. (Identity II)

This lesson ends up with the following words: I have said earlier when you find yourself here: DO NOT SEEK TO PROVE YOUR SONSHIP TO SATAN OR TO THE WORLD.
You will also find that I have done very little to edit this teaching which was divided in two sessions. This is work in progress; it may change as soon as it is published in a book. Let’s go:

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I just took all the editing of the six chapters. Have not posted on website I just want to do something different
We want to familiarize with our wilderness.

Jordan announces our sonship. Wilderness helps us to define our relationship with God. Wilderness manifest our sonship. God is not saying in the wilderness “This is my Son!” Only devil will say in the wilderness “If you are the Son of God!”

Do not work hard to prove yourself in the wilderness.

I want you to think deeper about what I have just said. Jesus did not feel pressured to prove to Satan that He is the Son of God.

We live in days of capitalistic gospel.
Wait until your Jordan and let God be the one who will say: This is my son!
Wilderness was the last place to prove such things. You need to understand the Wilderness language when the season comes. Remember that.


Whether it be through disobedience or self righteousness. Just like Jesus allow the Holy Ghost to lead you to Wilderness.
In sin we land in Wilderness. If this is the case we need to repent and allow cleansing for our souls.
In self righteousness we sometimes try to bribe God and send ourselves to Wilderness. Do not allow foolishness to send you to Wilderness and calling it faith.

Let it be the work of the Holy Spirit.
Sometimes it is the Orphan spirit that sends us to Wilderness.
Now that all this is moved out of the way; I believe the Holy Spirit wants to address the case of your wilderness visit.

Good Morning
We left the lesson in the middle.
We explained the different ways of finding ourselves in the wilderness.
We said the first one is sin. The Lord is however faithful to forgive us when we confess our sins. He will also give us grace as we are reaping what we have sown. A good example of this is prison.
We will serve time but we shall receive grace in the time we serve. We shall also receive grace of forgiveness from those we have sinned against even the state.

The second reason of wilderness is self righteousness. This is when we decide to carry ourselves to wilderness without the Holy Ghost. Here we take ministry decisions outside the Holy Ghost fellowship. We do the work of the Spirit outside the Spirit.
This happens when the Kingdom work has become our own business. It happens when we do the Kingdom work outside Word and prayer.

But when we repent and come to be fathered and mentored we begin to rise in the counsel of the Holy Ghost. We learn to be relational and interdependent.
We learn to fellowship with the Christ Community and Body.
In the end we become better people.
But I am mainly sent to those who are sent to the Wilderness by the Holy Ghost.

This teaching has come to help these ministers to rise in the will of God. I have said earlier when you find yourself here: DO NOT SEEK TO PROVE YOUR SONSHIP TO SATAN OR TO THE WORLD.
This will be our benchmark in the next session.

Peace be unto you

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