holding a feast in your wilderness

Everytime I go past seven sessions I have always seen breaking of new
waters of the Word. Unless you finish the seven lessons before this one it will remain just an intellectual exercise. But if you will faithfully follow the path of this lesson you will breakthrough together with us. If you truly want to understand your journey in the wilderness you will have time for the 7 lessons. If you just want another teaching to pass to others the glory goes to God. Let’s go:

Exodus 5:1-1
And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness.

What is your wilderness?
Which place in your life is your source of shame and ridicule? Where is your weakest link and area of lack? Whatever you name it; I call it your wilderness.

God says in that very area He wants to party with you. In that dry place He wants to give you the freshest of His water supply. In that pillow of tears He wants to provide you with joy and happiness. In that place of mourning its a setup for your celebration.
Your surprise party is not meant to surprise you but he who planned your downfall.

He prepares a table in front of your enemies.
He holds a feast with you in your desert.

Moses was a material designed to hold a feast in the wilderness. Israel was a material designed to murmur and complain in a desert.
John held his feast in the wilderness; not with the menu of locusts but with the divine presence of God. Jesus used the wilderness as the launchpad of His ministry.
Paul used his wilderness prison as the final master showpiece of God’s wisdom.

Apostle John got the Revelations of Jesus in the Island of Patmos alone with his eyes removed. And that was his wilderness.
Job received his graduation and latter elevation from his wilderness of losing everything.

In the wilderness you may lose your reputation but keep your character intact. The wilderness strips you of your ego and leave you with a character test. It is your party place with your God.
You don’t prove your sonship to satan in the wilderness.

You simply hold a feast of the Word.
You eat your Manna as it comes and you keep nothing for the next day.


Peace be unto you

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