your life is an urgent important message

Your life is an urgent, important message

I am not sure what you finally made out of your life experiences. What gross or net value have you attached to your life? What have you done or have yet to do? Whatever you come up with: Your life is an urgent, important message.

It is not about the value you attach to your life; it’s all about how Life sees life. Your life is an extension of One Big Earth Life which is a Breath of Father God. If I say Your Life Matters; it will be an understatement. As far as God is concerned: Your life is an urgent, important message to mankind.

It is possible that you are in the middle of war listening to sounds of bombs; gunfires and grenades. Maybe you have locked yourself in the room while your Mom and Dad are fighting on the other side. You could be reading this message from someone’s smart phone since you can’t yet afford yours. Whatever nightmare of crisis you are in right now. It could be the most expensive deadline you have ever heard; as if; come that time your breath will simply slip away. I would say to you begin now to document the thoughts concerning your life. This I know; as you document them thinking that they are your thoughts; Higher Thoughts will suddenly invade your mental atmosphere. And then you are not alone!

Do not wait for red carpets and riches. Do not wait for great deals clinched or big achievements. Write your experiences right now. Allow me to take you to my article that says: Kneel in prayer and rise in paper. You have an audience somewhere in this world waiting to listen to your story. It begins with you writing your story and soon you discover that it is His-tory wrapped up in your story.

You will soon discover that He has taken your body to live life in your situation as though He returns time an time again to live every form of life here on earth. What if God has sent His Son as many times as life has been born on earth today and you are part of that great plan? Would you not document that Life in all its experinces?

Your life is an important urgent message to mankind. What if your life is an important urgent message “quote” or message “phrase” in the Book of Life which God has written before the foundations of the earth?

What do we learn from Jesus and His declaration to be the Son of God? Can you imagine the disappointment from those who wanted Horses and Chariots and Red Carpets to reflect that Life? He went further to declare that we are sons of God in spite of the places we find ourselves trapped in. As much as this can be offensive to anyone what if God the Father sees you as His son through His Son? I bring the Son Value before you in this story to reveal to you the value Father God has put upon you.

Allow me today to refer you to my article titled: You are God’s treasured possession. This is one story that as I penned it shook me to the core. I challenge you to document your life today in any manner of expression you will find. Do not be caught in the number of likes in the social media. Document it in the manner that will ultimately bring you to the place where you clearly hear what He says through your life and take that message to the next generation.

As you begin to make journalistic sense out of your life; without sugar coating it or waiting for a scoop out of your story, someone will find his or he life purpose. Do all this in the full knowledge that you have come to live life that is worth writing about. In the lowest of lows, in the deepest of your scandals and in your biggest expose of nakedness and weakness: Your life is an important urgent message to mankind.

So what is your next step? Buy a diary and have an electronic diary. Use it as conversations to God or to yourself about questions you have in your life. Very soon a poem, a song and even a book will come out to help others. If you want to find out your dream; confront your nightmare coin and look the other side of it. Your dream is there always waiting for your perception concerning your life to change.

This is what I do as a Scribe. I have just penned down my life right in front of you. You have instead read yours in mine and someone will see hers because you see my message enters audiences differently and all benefit in their perceptions.

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